Every human being has a story to tell. Every human body has an embodiment of that story. Although the story happened in the past and there may be no recollection of it, it is being relived over and over again, like a replay of a bad movie — driving and manifesting all the relationships and experiences in your life.

Transformational Being teaches a psychosomatic approach that guides you into unveiling and unwinding the entire “stage” — including the story, characters, costume, script, and staging, that are very much alive and replaying unknowingly in your mind and body, creating all the situations and circumstances in your life you don’t really desire !

Through unveiling the “stage” in your mind, you will discover the false “script” about your self you’ve been buying into to get the “love” you desperately desire. Through unwinding the story in your body, you will discover the constricting “costume” you’ve been wearing to protect you and survive. Both, the script and the costume, have been diminishing You and preventing you from fully expressing your self as the gift you are for humanity.

Through this work, you will transform the way you see, speak, and interact with your self and others.  You will experience a paradigm shift from the inside out – mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually, that will allow you to :

– embrace your humanity,

– embody your divinity,

– emanate the humility and reverence that comes from connecting to a deeper Truth.

From this work, you will master a practice of self awareness in mind, body, and spirit, that will continuously empower you, embody you, and enlighten you, into manifesting your own Greatness and living into your infinite possibilities.

My intention with this work is to free you from the old voices & patterns that have been holding you in bondage, so that You become a co-creator of this Universe – as the author of your life, as a steward of this earth, and as a  fellow of this humanity.

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