About Maria

I am an intuitive psychosomatic (mind-body) energy practitioner with a love, passion and reverence for the design of the human being and its evolution into its highest potential.

My personal quest to find a “better way of healing” as a result of my mother’s passing 20 years ago, guided me to explore traditional graduate work in Jungian philosophy, naturopathic medicine, classical Chinese medicine, and non-traditional studies in Sufism and alternative body-mind-spirit healing, including psychosomatic work, energy healing, movement therapy, and transformative language.  Apart from these studies, I’ve also been trained as a mechanical engineer, an Integral Yoga teacher, White Belt NIA teacher, and Introduction Leader for Landmark Education.

What I discovered thru my studies and trainings, is that the “better way of healing” is not out here, but “in here“- inside ourselves – inside our minds, bodies and Spirits.  The “better way of healing” is unique to each person and it’s really a personal journey of discovery regarding who they have been, what they have been doing, and who they really are.  The “better way of healing” is a personal choice to undergo a deeper journey in mind, body and Spirit, that will transform you from the inside out in all realms – mentally,emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually.  The “better way of healing” is a sacred journey to embrace your sacredness because of your humanness.

The human body is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with infinite power.  The only thing that limits its power are the limiting perceptions or beliefs that it has made up about itself and what it can accomplish.  As a result, true healing is not about “helping” someone do something that they are “unable” to do.  True healing is about reminding people of how powerful they really are.  True healing is not about “prying”, “poking” and “diagnosing” people.  True healing is about holding a sacred space and being a clear mirror for people to “see” not only what they have been doing to themselves, but more importantly to “see” what is possible for them…. should they make a different choice.  True healing is not about choosing a specific “technique” or “method” out here.  True healing is about choosing the organic patterns that resonate inside of you to harmonize your mind, body and spirit.  Overall, true healing is about aligning ourselves with the organic flow and the natural rhythms that are already part of the Universal flow.  True healing is about a choice – your choice – to be here, present in your mind, body, and spirit, fully available and capable to show up and stand for what you really desire.  True healing is a choice that no one can make except you.

My mission with this psychosomatic energy work, is to guide you to:

(1) Experience & transform the limiting “story” that you have been carrying in your body, so that you are open to connect organically to the earth and receive the universal flow of love, peace and abundance that is accessible to all,

(2) Embody a physical alignment with your Spirit, so that you become innately guided and develop an inner knowing of the path that aligns with your Highest Self and your divine purpose,

(3) Evolve into a higher state of consciousness, so that you shift your paradigm of being into one that facilitates the authorship of your Life, the stewardship of this Earth, and the fellowship of Humanity.

Transformational Being is a living practice and is the culmination of all my different trainings and my experience, embodiment and evolution as a human being.  Transformational Being is the result of my own personal quest to find a “better way of healing” that’s in alignment with our deepest Truth : We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are all Energy. We are all connected to each other, nature and Spirit. We are not separate. We are One.

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