How does the Transformational Being process work ? 

  • Transformational Being is an educational psychosomatic (mind & body), energy shifting process that uses transformative language, energetic touch, and sacred movement to create a  p a r a d i g m   s h i f t  within your Being.
  • Transformative language is used to create awareness on the subconscious belief systems and the physical tension patterns that are actually driving you to create your current circumstances. You will see the entire “stage”, including the story, characters, costumes, and script you are acting out – including voices, mannerisms, body patterns, etc.. You will get how all of this is minimizing your self and others, and how it is a self-fulfilling prophecy for who you are not. Through this dialogue, you will unveil any inauthenticities about your self that, although may be safe and familiar, are out of integrity with who you really are. Who you really are is infinite possibilities at any moment in time. Through this dialogue, you restore your integrity and commit to ways of being that are life-giving and that manifest your own Greatness. As you allow your self to really Be, you create a safe space for others to Be so they manifest their own Greatness too.
  • Energetic touch is used to create a safe, non-threatening space, that becomes an invitation for your being to come forward and be seen in all its totality. Thru energetic touch, you receive a deep acknowledgement and acceptance of your being, so that you feel safe and allow your self to feel any emotions & tension patterns that are supporting the thoughts & structures which are holding you back from being present and in your body right now.  As your body is met with energetic touch, whatever is in your way of being, rises to the surface, and is unveiled and energetically transformed.
  • Sacred movement is used to unveil physiological tension patterns and disassemble the form/shapes/structures which limit your being’s self-expression, presence, aliveness, and authenticity.

Why do the Transformational Being process?

Transformational Being results in personal transformation at all levels:

  • Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic
  • Family, personal and business relationships
  • Self, group, community, organizations, and the world at large


  • Physical symptoms gone away or diminished.
  • Peace and clarity of mind
  • Accepting your life
  • Accepting and loving your self
  • Being grateful for who you are and what you have
  • Acknowledging and validating your Being
  • Validation of who you really are
  • Being inspired and in awe of you
  • Loving your self and others
  • Knowing how to parent your self from a state of Grace
  • Knowing of what you want and what actions to take to fulfill on that want.
  • Feeling supported, held and loved.
  • Feeling confident and empowered to be with anything that comes up.
  • Feeling present, in your body.
  • Being present for self and others.
  • Knowing and being Grace with infinite possibilities, regardless of circumstances around you
  • Being free and self-expressed
  • Having life-giving relationships
  • Feeling joy, happiness
  • Feeling safe.
  • Standing for your self and others, like you have never done before.
  • Being a powerful human being with anyone, anything, anytime.

Through Transformational Being Process, you will be aware that:

  • The thoughts and feelings you have of your self, are based on old belief systems that are false and that you made up a long time ago to “survive” an environment that you perceived as “hostile”.
  • The body you have, its shape and function, is a reflection of your false belief systems.
  • The circumstances, situations, and relationships in your life — your outer reality — is a reflection of who you subconsciously believe your self to be and what you subconsciously believe you deserve — your inner reality.
  • You are not a victim of circumstance. You subconsciously make choices to create experiences that fulfill on your false belief systems — like self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • When your ways of being fulfill on your false belief systems, you diminish your self and everyone around you, minimizing the possibilities of creating powerful situations and/or relationships in your life.
  • You are a powerful human being, who at any moment in time, can choose to transform your false belief systems into powerful contexts of being that cause a fulfilling life.
  • Who you really are is the embodiment of Grace with infinite possibilities at any moment in time.

Through Transformational Being Process you will discern:

  • What is real/authentic (the facts) vs. what is not real/inauthentic (the story)
  • What is true (what really happened) vs. what is false (your stories of what happened)
  • Who you really are (Grace/Infinite possibilities) vs. whom you believe/perceive you are (your false belief systems/identities/”costume”)
  • Choosing what is “life-giving” (what feeds your life and soul) vs. “non life-giving” (what feeds judgement, prejudice and self-righteousness)
  • Choosing aliveness (inspiration/excitement) vs. deadness (resignation and cynicism)
  • Choosing to lead your own life vs. circumstances dictating your life
  • Enrolling others in who you really are (Grace/Infinite possibilities) vs. enrolling others in your stories of who you perceive you are (your false belief systems/identities/”costume”)
  • Creating a community that will support you and your possibilities vs. keeping a community that supports you in your limiting belief systems
  • Creating your life powerfully every moment in time
  • Knowing that you are the source of everything that is in your life.

What does a typical session look like?

Sessions are 1.5 hrs. The 1st 20-30 minutes are used to check in, listen, observe and discern (1) who you are with your story and patterns (2) how you are limiting yourself, and (3) what are you really needing to embrace your full potential.  The next 30-45 minutes are used to create awareness & transformation mentally, physically,emotionally, and energetically.  The last 15 minutes are used to speak about the session, answer any questions and assign homework. Awareness & transformation  is created with transformative dialogue, energetic work and authentic movement.

What’s the investment?

The work is offered in programs to meet your specific goals in the most efficient way possible.  So the investment depends on which program you sign up for.  Currently I’m offering an Authentic Leadership Program, an Authentic Wellness Program and an Authentic Parenting Program.  Please contact me directly if you desire more information about these programs or if you are interested in a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your specific needs.  I can be reached at 503-381-3851 or at TransformationalBeing@gmail.com.

What if I just want to try one session?

I offer an Introductory Package of 4  90 min sessions, to allow you to get a taste of the work and see if it resonates for you.  Thru the years, I’ve found that it can take a minimum of 4 sessions for people to allow themselves to feel their deepest feelings and experience some transformation.  This package may last 1 or 2 months, depending on whether you are coming weekly or every other week. The investment of this package is $696*.  Payment plans are available.

Is this work covered by insurance?

This work is not covered by insurance as it doesn’t fall into the typical medical classifications.  However, I’ve had corporate clients gotten reimbursed for the investment of this work thru their medical flex spending account.  Please contact me directly for more details.

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