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Reclaim Your Hope, Joy & Peace of Mind! Despite the Inauguration…

This 3 hr workshop is designed to help you reclaim your hope, joy and peace of mind, despite the election results.  Discover what this time is really about, integrate your experience and propel your self forward.  Transform the subconscious fears, beliefs and past experiences which have been triggered by the election results and placed you in a “fight” or “flight” reaction. Join us and redirect your energy into a path that fulfills you!  I will guide you thru a psychosomatic energy process with powerful exercises to help you shift from this reactive state into a state of presence, awareness and rootedness, so that you can re-align and re-focus on what is really important to you and what you would like to manifest in 2017 and beyond!

Date & Time: Sunday 1/22  2:30-5:30p

Location: Hillsdale Community Church in SW Portland

Investment: $39 if paid by 1/20, $56 if paid later or at the door.

Email me to reserve your spot:


These are 8-12 week workshops that provide a powerful group setting to learn about this transformational process & practice.  These workshops are for you if you are looking to transform a situation, an environment or a relationship, into one that fulfills you.  The workshops are designed for:

1) New clients that are curious and wanting to learn about a self-empowering process that can shift their paradigm of being and living.  This workshop will teach you the basic metaphysical principles and overall approach of this work, that applies to every thing you’d like to manifest.

2) Past and current clients that want to master the self-empowering practice to stay conscious and embodied, so they can continuously choose the fulfilling circumstances that best serves them, their family, their communities and their planet as a whole.

These workshops are held weekly in 2 hrs meetings.  Contact me for more information at


My intention with the Wholistic Leadership Program is to have you embody your greatest leader within, so that you can lead your self and your tribe into wholeness, balance and harmony, in a way that serves humanity and the planet as a whole.

This program is currently designed for women leaders who are wanting to create a paradigm shift, without loosing their integrity and authenticity in the process.  These women know their potential, yet they may lack the strong presence, confidence and partnerships that will support what they really want to see in the world.

The Wholistic Leadership Program has 3 stages, each one 3 months long.

Stage 1 is about finding your center in body, mind, spirit.  You learn how to reclaim you power, establish intimacy and honor your self.  This stage consists of 12 individual 90 min sessions.

Stage 2 is about being in true partnership. You learn how to truly collaborate and truly reciprocated to attract your tribe.  This stage consists of a combination of 9 individual sessions and 3 group sessions.

Stage 3 is about co-creating a new reality.  You learn how to go beyond-the-box, receive your guidance and offer your truth, in collaboration with others.  This stage consists of 6 individual sessions and 6 group sessions.

Commitment for the whole program is required, however, you can sign up for one stage at a time.

Upon completion of the Wholistic Leadership Program, you will experience your self with the mental clarity, the physical presence, the emotional stability and the energetic grounding required to co-create what you desire.

For more detailed information about this program, please email me directly at

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