About the Work

We all experience struggle: Unfulfilled dreams. Challenging relationships. Difficult situations. Physical pain. Trauma. Dis-ease.

Yet, there are no coincidences and no victims of circumstance.

The situations, relationships and “dis-eases” we experience in our lives, are a revealing reflection of who we subconsciously believe our selves to be and what we subconsciously believe we deserve.

We all have subconscious beliefs. As human beings, we make meaning of our experiences and create distorted perceptions of our reality and of who we are, eg. “The world is not safe”, “Men are hurtful”, “Women are weak”, “I am not good enough”, “I don’t matter”, “I am not loveable”, etc….

We adopt these distorted perceptions as indisputable truths. We identify with these beliefs in our minds and bodies, and embody them – like an actor embodying a role. Then as a whole unit (mind, body, and spirit), we walk around thru life, enrolling others into believing that that is who we are.

Thru time, we master the script so well, that we forget we are acting.  We buy into a paradigm of living, that is based on the self-defeating beliefs we believe to be true.  Then all the choices we make and all the struggles we experience — from mundane to life threatening — are rooted in this false paradigm and become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Transformational Being is a psychosomatic (mind & body) energy approach that guides you out of struggle into fulfillment by:

(1) Unveiling the paradigm you have been seeing the world thru, including the role & play you’ve been acting out,

(2) Transforming the stage you have been acting out – including the scriptcostumes, and staging that support your role,

(3) Creating with You a new paradigm of living – the stage You want to really live in, so that You create the life You really desire, and receive all the intimacy, prosperity and peace that is universally available to all.


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