Maria is an amazing healer.  To me, her work is a step beyond talking through things like you would with a traditional counselor.  It’s a combo of identifying stories from your past (most likely childhood) that are still holding you back and then using energetic healing to connect to your body so you can target and release them. I learned that your kids bring out the triggers that help you identify the stories that you have not moved through and this happened with my daughter.  From Maria’s work, I have benefited in many ways: I am more mindful of things that I say that could unintentionally be hurtful to my daughter. If I accidentally react in a way I wish I hadn’t, I now go back and apologize and talk through what happened and why I reacted the way I did.  I also know now that sometimes my daughter just needs a hug, much like I did when I was a kid.  I came to a realization that I value my time and need to say no to things that I did not ask for or intentionally create. After doing several sessions with Maria, I could tell that I did not get triggered by people that I had been triggered by even a week earlier.  If you are ready to make a change…she is ready to help you get to where you want to be!
The weekly sessions with Maria are transformative. Maria was able to quickly identify childhood emotional patterns which I had unconsciously played out in various aspects of my adult life. She helped me discern the various internal voices from my broken childhood which I kept replaying – causing disruption to my work and relationships. I was exhausted with sabotaging my progress and growth. Through Maria’s work, I was able to identify, reveal and transform my ‘obstacles’ – my thoughts, feelings and emotions – which in turn released my anxiety and restlessness. This was a paradigm shift that opened me up to welcome new opportunities into my life. The transformative awareness, deeper understanding of self and realization of new perspectives has helped me trust and follow my inner core values as my newfound compass on how to live my life with purpose and meaning. With Maria’s guidance, I’ve discover my wings to soar to greater heights and for that, I am truly grateful.
I was given a recommendation from a friend to work with Maria after experiencing a heart attack. Medical doctors couldn’t find a reason for the heart attack but I knew deeply that there were spiritual and psychosomatic reasons for it. Finding Maria was a gift from God. I’ve worked with traditional psychotherapists in the past but none have really gotten to the core of issues and supported me through them as Maria has. She is an empathetic and devoted healer who is passionate about helping others be their highest selves. She provides a compassionate ear and practical suggestions for doing the work that will help us evolve into the person we know we can be. She is also a gifted energy healer. The energy work is subtle but powerful, she moved and shifted stuck energy in me that created space for me to feel, see more clearly and make positive changes in my life. I look forward to continuing to work with her!
Maria coached me into a better life! I have seen many therapists before but none were as effective and life changing as Maria. We have sons the same age and I was impressed with her son’s behavior on a school trip. My personal life was in shambles and I was heart broken over my relationship with my oldest son. I was desperate to renew our relationship as well as learn how to become a better mom and human being. She empowered me and helped guide me through a very tough time. The best part is that I made it to the other side and I am a better person now. will always credit Maria for coaching me through some dark times! And the good times are here to stay because she helped me see what I was doing wrong and understand why I did what I did. If you are tired of feeling miserable- talk to Maria. You can’t put a price on happiness!
My experience working with Maria is very positive! She is gentle and a true intuitive. The work can be intense and sometimes frightening, but Maria knew when to push me and when to gently back off until a more appropriate time. The overall process was subtle at first, but over time I felt my body lifting to it’s true strength, day by day. The greatest testimony is from seeing four different friends, at separate times, on 3 different days, about a week after finishing my sessions with Maria. They all told me right away “you look prettier, lighter, brighter, sparkling and overall happy – and all four people said they had never seen me like that before”.
Maria has changed my life. She is such a genuine and loving person that I have been blessed to get to know through our sessions. The way she teaches and guides is so natural. She doesn’t push anything but rather gives you the space and freedom to let go and grow. I fee like the wisdom she has given me will be something I hold onto for the rest of my life. Maria’s work has helped me to take a hold of my life more and steer it in the direction I want. I truly do feel like I have a whole new outlook on things. Thanks, Maria.
I recently met Maria at a weekend intensive. I was injured during the event and Maria offered me healing work. I accepted and was so glad I did. What occurred during the session was almost beyond words… The best way to describe it was that my body was able to clear (through her touch and communication with me in my body) emotional trauma that had been stored for years, leaving me with a cool sense of clarity and release, allowing the body to do the rest of the recovery without the emotional baggage and story to keep the energy and trauma stuck. It was simple, subtle, deeply moving and profound. Maria put her hands on my body, and my body willingly listened and responded. Physical trust is so important in this work. Maria conveys a sense of deep trust, reverence and regard for her clients, and for the work she does. I highly recommend her for helping anyone remove blocked energy, trauma, and energetic baggage from the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Maria is a special person. From my perspective, her work is revolutionary in the way she integrates emotional and spiritual wellbeing with physical health. As a physical therapy student, I have had the opportunity to study the work of many skilled PTs, chiros, massage therapists, etc. Although I have found all of these methods helpful at times, none of them went as deep as Maria did with me. In one session, she pointed out that I always stand with my head tilted slightly off axis. Since correcting this habit, a chronically tight spot in my mid back has loosened up considerably. More importantly, Maria helped me make the connection between my thought patterns and my physical wellbeing. The specifics are personal, but after leaving our session I felt a renewed sense of direction and I felt peaceful. I highly recommend Maria to anyone interested in working on the root of their ailments and getting to know them-self better. She is a wonderful guide.
I was feeling really trapped with many circumstances in my life. I thought I had not control over the situation and felt like a victim. My body started showing signs which started a downward spiral of worry and eventually panic. The panic paralyzed me.
Maria helped me find the source of the panic and helped me re-direct my energy towards healing. She helped me help myself. Now I can recognize patterns that I had let influence my life in the past and now I know to stop it. Thank you!
If you are willing to partner with Maria Alexandra, she will accompany you on the journey to uncovering what you’ve hidden from yourself and allow you to step into your natural well-being. Her genuine compassion fortified my confidence as she nudged me to deeply examine what I was hiding. She exudes the kindness and encouragement of an ideal mother and has the contagious laughter and playfulness of a child. As for my personal story, partnering with Maria Alexandra allowed me to see myself with more gentleness and acceptance while identify behaviors that had a reason for existing but no longer honor who I want to be. I now hold myself with nurturing compassion and feel emotionally cleansed, coincidentally I have medical test results that show I am physically cleansed as well!
Maria Alexandra is unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with. Her compassionate, yet persistent, guidance has empowered me to let go of old patterns, emotions and expectations and to (finally!) be fully present for ME. Stepping into my life… for the first time in my life. At last I feel I am an active participant in my own transformation. Maria Alexandra is a healer.
This is the most life-giving work I have ever been involved with – It’s been the most straight forward and honest reflection of who I really am.

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